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Mr https://hansen-studio.com/our-contacts
Vadivel – ARABELLA https://hansen-studio.com/fitness-interior

SAFIYA FASHION – DUBAI https://hansen-studio.com/

Generally done over a coffee in our material library and think tank, we ascertain all your project aspirations and requirements https://hansen-studio.com/restaurant-interior
Our team will also gather the necessary site information and documentation to start the project smoothly https://hansen-studio.com/restaurant-interior

ANARCHITECT is a multiple award-winning Architecture, Interior Architecture, and Design practice based in Dubai and London that specializes in delivering bespoke projects for design-driven private and corporate clients globally https://hansen-studio.com/
Their diverse portfolio of built work spans residential, leisure, hospitality , workplace, and culture throughout the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa https://hansen-studio.com/our-contacts
Founded in 2013, the practice manifests architecture across diverse scales of design with superlative craft, detail, and materiality https://hansen-studio.com/restaurant-interior

Dubai Showroom:
Whether we transform massive or boutique offices, showrooms, bars or restaurants, we’ve built deep, meaningful relationships with our customers https://hansen-studio.com/our-contacts
Our collaborative journey with them through our Discover, Design and Deliver milestones creates excellence – one of our core values https://hansen-studio.com/restaurant-interior

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